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Registration form and conditions


Pula, April 22nd - 25th  2020.


 Deadline entry:  25th March 2020

By submitting to the competition you give your consent to the OKUD "Istra" to collect, process and store your personal informations for the purpose of participating in all activities within the 45th International Accordion Competition. Also you give consent to be photographed and recorded and that such information can be displayed and published in the all online and printed media, on the web pages of OKUD "Istra" and others, all for the purpose of realization and promotion of this manifestation.
The applicant may be informed with all rights and other information regarding the handling of their personal data deriving from the General Data 
Protection Regulation (GDPR) by sending a query to the following e-mail address: okud.istra@pu.t-com.hr


Deadline for Registration entry: March 25th 2020.

Registration forms will be confirmed by: Email: okud.istra@pu.t-com.hr

Information contact : Email: okud.istra@pu.t-com.hr 

Regulations and registration - contact person:
Member of the Organizing Committee - Đeni Dekleva Radaković, e-mail: dekleva@unipu.hr or 
djeni.dekleva.radakovic@pu.t-com.hr / GSM: +385 91 5713920 or e-mail: okud.istra@pu.t-com.hr, phone/fax: +385 52 543596

Information and payment contact person:
Secretary, e-mail: okud.istra@pu.t-com.hr 



Registration fee must to be paid by bank transfer by April 15th 2020.

Category BABY: 40 €*
Category A: 50 €*
Category B: 55 €*
Category C: 60 €*
Category D: 65 €*
Category E: 70 €*
Category F: 75 €*
Category KONCERTIST: 80 €*

Chamber Ensembles
Duo: 60 €*
Trio: 70 €*
From 4 to 7 members: 80 €*
From 8 to12 members: 90 €*

Category A: 100 €*
Category B: 125 €*
Category C: 150 €*
Category D: 150 €*

* To be paid in Euros on following BANK account:

Zagrebačka banka, OIB: 92963223473
Paromlinska 2, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
IBAN: HR7723600001101423605

Beneficiary: OKUD ISTRA, street Stankovićeva 4, 52100 Pula, Croatia
to be written Payer's and competitor’s name and category. 

The taxes for payment and transfer is paid by the contestant of the competition.

Upon payment please send copy to "OKUD “ISTRA” by e-mail: okud.istra@pu.t-com.hr


Payment should be made in advance on our bank account.
Required information for bill is: name, address and TAX number for Institutions (Faculty/schools),.
and name, surname and address for persons.

If the payment for the contestant was made by his parent, the contestant's data (name, address) is needed to send us. If the payment is made by the school/legal person, school's data is required (the exact name, address, VAT number) with competitors name and category. Please do in advance.

All contestants (foreign citizens) are required to report-register at the ORGANIZATION info desk in Dom hrvatskih branitelja (Army House) ground floor at least one hour before the performance and submit copy of payment.


Accomodation: Room reservations deadline April 1st 2020. (See "Accommodation" here: www.okud-istra.hr/index.php


The organizer holds the right to change or modify the awards or programme
in case of extraordinary circumstances.




45th International Accordion Competition - Public announcement COVID-19
45th International Accordion Competition 2020
International Jury of 44th Accordion Competition
Timetable of events - 44th International Accordion Competition
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